Accoridng to Variety, Production/marketing shingle the Hatchery has bought entertainment rights to the bestselling series of thrillers written by V.C. Andrews ("Flowers in the Attic").

The Hatchery, led by co-CEOs Margaret Loesch and Bruce Stein, plans to develop TV and film adaptations of the Andrews books. Franchise, which includes 57 titles, has sold more than 105 million copies in 95 countries and has been translated into 22 languages.

The book series previously spawned one major feature, the 1987 adaptation of "Flowers in the Attic" starring Louise Fletcher and Victoria Tennant.

Loesch and Stein will exec produce the new projects, along with the Hatchery's Dan Angel ("Door To Door"), who will oversee the film adaptations.

"The amazing and ongoing success of this book series for more than two decades is proof of its broad, cross-generational appeal," Loesch said. "The books are a treasure trove of compelling stories, well told and exquisitely crafted for readers, primarily women and girls aged 16-39."