Durable VCRs

I recently found a VCR in my home. It had been in a box for years. There were books on top of it, video cassettes on top of it, shoes... you name it this thing was buried. This little unit had been in hibernation for well over a decade. Well, you never would have known it by how it performed when I plugged it in. The picture was warm and rich. The tape happened to be widescreen and not full screen (truthfully, I never really cared about such trivialities until I started watching DVDs). Now, I know, a DVD or Blu-ray player would've worked as well. However, we expect it to. We aren't surprised by DVDs in the same way we were by VHS tapes. I could go into how, in many ways, the videocassette packaging was better than that if DVDs and Blu-rays, but I will save that rant for another article. I miss knowing that my VCR was always seemingly seconds from breaking down or eating a video cassette... and it never happened.