Not that this will surprise anyone who has paid attention to the box office recently, but Venom 2 is happening. This has been confirmed by screenwriter Jeff Pinkner, who co-wrote Venom. While Sony has yet to make a formal announcement, this should come largely as an expected move and means that we're going to see more of Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock in the future. But, intriguingly, we also may see his character meeting up with Spider-Man, if things pan out.

Before digging into that bit, Jeff Pinkner, in a recent interview, talked about Venom and the success that it's enjoying at the box office, having recently crossed the $850 million mark worldwide and cracking the top five highest-grossing movies of 2018. To that point, he was asked about Venom 2 and, while Pinkner couldn't say much yet, he did confirm that it is indeed happening. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"I can't say anything other than that it is happening."

Answering a follow-up question, Jeff Pinkner revealed that he's not going to write the sequel, though he didn't reveal who is on deck for that job. But what's more interesting is what he had to say when asked whether or not this version of Venom could exist alongside Tom Holland's version of Spider-Man, who is currently tied up alongside the other Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has assured that Venom doesn't exist in the MCU, who's to say that Spider-Man couldn't exist in the Venom universe? Here's what Pinkner had to say about that.

"Without revealing anything that I'm not supposed to reveal, it is not impossible a future, slash upcoming Venom movie Spider-Man will play a significant role... I think it's fair to say that everyone involved would be very excited by a Spider-Man/Venom movie."

That is an interesting bit of info to absorb. He doesn't specifically address the Tom Holland version of the character. But why not a version of Spider-Man? The contract that Sony and Marvel Studios have worked out, as far as the finer details go, isn't totally clear. Sony was able to make the animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, for example, which arrives in theaters this weekend and has been garnering rave reviews. Given that Venom has been so successful, Sony would surely be even more eager, and have good reason, to include Spidey in the sequel.

For now, nobody at Sony or anyone connected to Venom 2 has confirmed this as a possibility, aside from Jeff Pinkner. But just don't expect Tom Holland to be announced as a cast member for the sequel. If this does happen, it would be far more likely a different version of the character altogether. Then again, stranger things have happened. Like Venom making $850 million at the box office, for example. We'll be sure to keep you posted as further details on the project are made available. Feel free to check out the full interview with Jeff Pinkner from the Discussing Film YouTube channel below.

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