The picture for Venom 2 is slowly starting to come into focus and the villain situation just got twice as deadly. Not only is the sequel going to bring Carnage into the fold, but it's come to light that Shriek will also be getting in on the action. This means Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock will certainly have his hands full during his second solo outing.

According to a new report, Shriek will be included in Venom 2, however, the casting process is still underway, so there's no word on who will be playing her just yet. Shriek, in the pages of Marvel Comics, is the girlfriend of Cletus Kasady, aka Carnage, who will be played by Woody Harrellson in the sequel. Harrellson made a cameo appearance during a post-credit scene in the first Venom. Shriek initially appeared in the pages of Spider-Man Unlimited #1, which was part of the Maximum Carnage storyline. It's worth noting that Maximum Carnage remains one of Marvel's most beloved crossover events in history and sees Spider-Man, amongst others, teaming up with Venom to take down the murderous villain. That could open the door for several other appearances if the sequel's story is taking inspiration from that particular crossover.

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Shriek started life as a character named Frances Barrison, a drug dealer who gained the ability to manipulate sound, which allows her to shoot sonic energy blasts from her hands. Shriek also has the ability to fly and can tap into people's minds, bringing out their innermost fears. She gained her powers through being a mutant, while also exposure to Cloak's (of Cloak and Dagger fame) Darkforce Dimension. The character has appeared in several animated shows and video games but hadn't previously been brought into the live-action fold.

Plot details for Venom 2 are currently being kept under wraps. We know that Tom Hardy will return, as will Michelle Williams as Anne Weying. Given the double trouble in the villain department, it's certainly possible we could see some more She-Venom action this time around. Motion-capture extraordinaire Andy Serkis (Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle) has been tapped to direct. Ruben Fleischer helmed the first movie, but his commitments with Zombieland: Double Tap made it difficult for him to return to the director's chair for the follow-up.

Venom proved to be a massive and truly unexpected hit in 2018. Though the majority of critics weren't buying what Sony was selling, audiences were very much on board, which carried the Marvel Comics adaptation to a staggeringly impressive $856 million global haul. That not only ensured a sequel, but also helped Sony kickstart some other spin-off movies, such as Morbius and the recently revealed Madame Web movie. Venom 2 is set to begin production early next year and is currently expected to be released on October 2, 2020. We'll be sure to keep you posted as any further details are made available. This news comes to us via Deadline.