Tom Hardy has given Marvel Comics fans a big Carnage tease in a pair of Venom 2 set images. As is the case with nearly every time Hardy posts pictures from the set, he has since deleted them. Thankfully, a few fans were quick on the trigger and were able to capture some screenshots of the pictures. Andy Serkis is behind the camera for the sequel and he can be seen in one of Hardy's now-deleted images giving some direction with a smile on his face.

As for the other Venom 2 image Tom Hardy shared, it's a sign that clearly reads, "St. Estes Orphans." Below that, it reads, "Home for Unwanted Children." Marvel Comics fans will recognize the location right away as the St. Estes Home for Boys, which is the orphanage where Cletus Kasady, aka Carnage, grew up and learned some of his more nasty behaviors. It's unclear where this will fit into the story, but we might be getting a peek into Cletus Kasady's backstory on the big screen.

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Woody Harrelson plays Cletus Kasady in Venom 2, which was teased at the end of the first installment. St. Estes Home for Boys was first introduced in 1992 and it's the place where Spider-Man and Carnage had their first battle. The orphanage partially burned down and its implied that Kasady is the one responsible for the fire. We could very well end up seeing Tom Hardy's Venom taking on Carnage in this location and probably a lot more places after or before this spot. As for seeing Tom Holland's Peter Parker show up to take part in this battle, that probably isn't going to happen this time around.

Tom Holland's Spider-Man will more than likely meet up with Tom Hardy's Venom on the big screen at some point. It's apparently one of Sony's goals, but Venom 2 seems unlikely at the moment unless it's in a cameo role leading up to something bigger for the future. Venom hit theaters last fall and was not exactly loved by critics and fans. However, it ended up making a lot of money at the box office, with a lot of it coming from China, which guaranteed that a sequel was on the way.

It is believed that Tom Hardy and Andy Serkis are going for a darker tone for Venom 2. The first installment was more of a dark comedy than anything, which is not a criticism. But, it's not exactly what Marvel fans were hoping to see on the big screen. An R-rating for Venom 2 is possible, though it has not been confirmed at this time, but the success of DC's Joker seems to have already inspired other comic book movies to follow suit. Birds of Prey is also hitting theaters with an R-rating. You can check out Tom Hardy's now-deleted images from the set of Venom 2 below, thanks to Tom Hardy Italia Twitter account.