It's official; Tom Hardy will return for Venom 2. This was pretty much expected to be the case when it was revealed that Sony was moving forward with a sequel to last year's hit blockbuster. However, it hadn't yet been confirmed by anyone from the studio directly. And, given the fact that Hardy is very much an in-demand star, there was some possible concern over him being willing to carry a franchise on his shoulders. But fear not, symbiote fans, as producer Amy Pascal has confirmed that the actor will be back as Eddie Brock.

Amy Pascal is one of the key producers of the Spider-Man franchise over at Sony. While Tom Holland's version of the character appears in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sony still owns the rights to the webslinger and his surrounding cast of characters. During a recent interview, she was asked about the status of Venom 2. While she couldn't say much, she did confirm that it's happening and that Tom Hardy is returning for another round of comic book movie action. Here's what Pascal had to say.

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"I can say that Tom Hardy will be back, magnificently playing that character as no one else can."

Venom, despite being absolutely lambasted by critics upon arrival, wound up being an absolutely massive hit. The Marvel Comics adaptation, directed by Ruben Fleischer, grossed $855 worldwide, making it one of the highest-grossing movies of 2018 overall. As such, work on a follow-up got going rather quickly. As for how the movie was able to overcome critical opinion and become a hit with moviegoers? Amy Pascal had this to offer.

"It's a couple of things. One of them is that Sony did a great job creating that franchise and giving it a life and giving it its own world. Then there's Tom Hardy. When you think of Venom, you'll never be able to think of anyone but Tom Hardy sitting in that bathtub of lobsters. And once you saw Tom Hardy do this character, that's all you needed to know."

Sony now intends to look at the other characters they have access to and will try and craft their own cinematic universe. Next up is Morbius, which stars Jared Leto in the lead role as a character known as "The Living Vampire." Other characters, such as Kraven the Hunter, Black Cat, Silver Sable and Nightwatch are also being eyed as figures who could carry a movie down the line. Whether or not they'll ever actually crossover, and to what degree, remains to be seen.

The big question on everyone's mind seems to be whether or not Tom Holland will show up in Venom 2 alongside Tom Hardy. Two Toms for the price of one would be great. But there is no assurance yet that this will happen in a sequel, or over on the MCU side of things with Spider-Man 3. Pascal says this of inviting Tom Holland over to the Sony side of the Marvel universe.

"Each individual movie [stands] on its own. The key thing to Venom to Tom Holland, Spider-Man, Spider-Verse is that as wonderful and as tempting as it is to connect the dots, nothing works if the individual movies don't work and have their own integrity. And that is the key to it all."

Still refusing to directly answer the Tom Holland question, Pascal did offer this bit of hope.

"Everybody would love to see that. You never know someday... it might happen. We have big plans for Tom Holland to be a part of everything. Every movie we ever do! He needs to be in every movie that I ever work on!"

Pascal went onto talk about seeing a live action version of Miles Morales. She confirms that he won't be the focus of a Spider-Verse TV show, but will instead be the main focus of the animated Spider-Verse movies going forward. About seeing Miles in a live-action movie, whether it be in the MCU or otherwise, she says this.

""No, I don't think you should exclude [Miles from a live-action movie].I think you should assume there is nothing to exclude."

So on that note, Venom could be going up against the Miles Morales version of Spidey in this separate universe. It hasn't yet been confirmed if Ruben Fleischer will return to the director's chair, but the indication is that the reigns may be handed over to someone new. Woody Harrelson, as teased in the first movie's post-credit scene, is set to portray the villain Carnage in the sequel. Venom 2 is expected to arrive in theaters on October 2, 2020. This news comes to us via Fandango.