Have you ever wanted to see what your face would look like right before the symbiote takes over? Sony has launched a new website for the Venom movie that does just that. The latest trailer for the movie finally showed us the symbiote up close and personal, but many are still not convinced that Venom will be able to satisfy comic book fans who have been looking forward to a proper Eddie Brock story on the big screen. The movie will hit theaters this fall, so expect a lot more marketing to be coming our way, like this new website.

The new Venom site features one of the theatrical posters with Tom Hardy getting taken over by the symbiote. Users are able to either take a picture with a webcam or their mobile device and then upload it. Once uploaded, users are able to edit the picture as well as the size. The interface is a little clunky, but with a bit of patience, one can create something that looks pretty decent.

The first image of the symbiote actually leaked weeks before the most recent Venom trailer on bottles of iced tea with a special Venom flavor of dark cherry lime aide. The image looked pretty much like what you'd expect and the trailer proved that the design was true. Since then, fans and others have started to poke fun at the design, while others wish that they would have taken a different approach with the look and feel of the symbiote. Sony definitely cannot please everybody when it comes to the Venom movie and it hasn't even been released yet.

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The first teaser trailer for Venom appeared earlier this year and it was universally panned across the board, which is something that Shane Black's Predator is currently undergoing at the moment. Venom and Predator have distinct looks and feels that aren't being represented, according to fans of both characters. While Venom looks to be a normal action movie, instead of the comic book sci-fi roots, Predator looks almost like a comedy movie. However, all of the judgement is coming off of the trailers alone, which isn't exactly fair.

Venom will officially hit theaters on October 5th, which is just around the corner. Sony is getting ready to pull out the big guns for the promotional campaign for the comic book movie, which will more than likely kick into high gear at the end of this summer. Hopefully more promising footage is released in the coming months to ramp up the excitement level for fans that have been waiting a long time for Venom's return to the big screen. Until then, you can head over to the We Are Venom website and see how you look in Eddie Brock's shoes. Here's what Hugh Jackman looks like as Eddie Brock.

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