Michelle Williams has been spotted on the set with Tom Hardy in a recently leaked video from the set of Venom. Williams is portraying Anne Weying, ex-wife of Eddie Brock and she has previously stated that we won't be seeing She-Venom in this new movie. But that doesn't mean she won't get a shot at playing the character down the line at some point. In other Venom news, a few reports suggest what characters Scott Haze and Jenny Slate will be playing.

In the recently leaked set video from Venom, you can clearly see Michelle Williams as Anne Weying dressed in business attire conversing with Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock. The two are outside of a building and the conversation looks to be tense. It's also worth noting that Williams is seen picking up a brown moving box, which leads us to believe that she may have been fired from a job within the building. This is all speculation at this time, but you can check out the video below and see for yourself.

Additionally, a new report suggests that Jenny Slate will be playing a character named Dora Skirth, a character that was created for the movie. Skirth reportedly works for the Life Foundation, which will play a large part in the story, just like in the Lethal Protector comic series. The Life Foundation is out to replicate Tom Hardy's symbiote and ends up creating many more. Scott Haze is rumored to be playing Life Foundation board member Roland Treece. Unlike Jenny Slate's character, Haze's comes straight from the comic book series.

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It was originally thought that Riz Ahmed was going to play the main villain Carnage in Venom, but that has recently proven to be false from leaked set pictures. Instead, Ahmed is reportedly playing Dr. Carlton Drake, the head of the Life Foundation. Carnage is still heavily rumored to be the main villain in the movie, but at 50 days into production, we've yet to see anyone or thing, that would suggest that Carnage will show up in Venom. However, Tom Hardy will be doing a lot of motion capture work, which reportedly has not happened yet, so whomever plays Carnage might come in at that time.

Venom began filming back in October and is still heading into theaters on October 5th, 2018. There's still a lot that we don't know about the upcoming Venom movie, but it looks like Tom Holland will be making an appearance as Peter Parker, though not as Spider-Man, as previously reported. Sony is doing a great job of keeping any secrets and leaks from getting out, much like the Marvel productions over at Disney. While we wait for more information, you can check out the new set video from Venom featuring Michelle Williams as Anne Weying below. The original report about Jenny Slate and Scott Haze's characters comes from McuExchange.

Kevin Burwick