Venom has now officially beaten Justice League at the global box office. The Sony movie passed the $673.5 million mark in just six weeks. In comparison, DC's team-up project only brought in $657.9 million globally in the 17 weeks that it was in theaters. If the good luck keeps up for Venom, it will easily reach $700 million during the rest of its theatrical run. With that being said, there are some pretty big box office differences between the two movies.

Venom had a record breaking box office opening weekend in China, taking in $111 million. This places the movie right behind Marvel Studios' Infinity War for the highest superhero movie opening of all time in China. In addition, it is Sony's biggest hit in that country. Nobody saw this kind of success coming for Venom. It was believed that it would do well, but early negative reviews from fans and critics were expected to put a pretty big damper on things, which obviously is not the case.

When looking at the numbers, Justice League had a stronger hold on the domestic box office. The DCEU project was able to bring in $229 million in its 17 weeks in theaters, while Venom is currently at $206 million. Globally, it's a completely different story. Sony's movie has already taken in $467 million, while Justice League stalled at $428 million. For what many saw as a gamble for Sony, Venom has paid off well, and is continuing to do so, which more than likely has a lot to do with the impressive promotional campaign for the project. Sony dumped a lot of money into promoting the movie, which has also paid off in a major way.

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Justice League had problems right from the start of the production, which ramped up when Zack Snyder exited the project. The news of Snyder leaving the movie sent shockwaves through the fan community. Things got progressively worse when Joss Whedon came on board for some extensive reshoots that took a lot longer than expected, resulting in a lot more money being dumped into the movie. When Justice League hit theaters, critics and fans tore the movie to shreds. Ever since then, hardcore DCEU fans have been begging the studio to release the mythical Zack Snyder cut.

Similarly, Venom also got trashed by fans and critics upon its release. However, it seems that fans have been more than willing to go see for themselves, as opposed to listening to the opinions of others. Adding a little irony to the situation is the fact that Ruben Fleischer was rumored to be the first director of Justice League, before Zack Snyder signed on for Man of Steel. Whatever the case may be, Fleischer and Sony are now enjoying the success of Venom, which shows no signs of stopping at the moment. You can check out the current numbers for Venom over at Box Office Mojo.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick