The latest trailer for Sony's Venom was released earlier this week, giving fans their first long awaited look at the symbiote. Back at the beginning of the year, a teaser trailer was released for the movie a few weeks after production had wrapped and it really didn't go over very well with fans because it didn't show off the symbiote. However, the latest trailer gives us more action than before along with the symbiote, but now Marvel fans are wondering what Carnage will look like when he's revealed.

Artist BossLogic set out to solve the Carnage mystery after watching the latest Venom trailer and as with all of his work, it's awesome. While that art is unofficial, it's based off of the look of Tom Hardy's Venom, which isn't too different from what we've seen in the comics, which leads one to believe that BossLogic's rendering is pretty close to what we'll all see on the big screen come October. The reddish hues and a slightly more disgusting looking mouth have all been added to the art, giving a pretty official look.

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As for the actor who will play Carnage, it was originally rumored that Riz Ahmed was going to play the character back when it was announced that he had been cast. It was later revealed that Ahmed is playing Dr. Carlton Drake of the Life Foundation, who Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock is investigating. It is now being rumored that Woody Harrelson has signed on to the Venom movie to play Carnage. That has yet to be officially confirmed, but all signs are pointing at the rumor being true at this moment.

While Marvel fans were really excited to finally see the symbiote in the new Venom trailer, many were very critical of the look of the movie. The symbiote has been picked apart for either looking to similar to the version that was shown in Spider-Man 3 or looking to fake, which is a pretty strange argument. Regardless of how the symbiote looks, the trailer as a whole was also picked apart because many believe that the studio pretty much showed the entire movie within the brief trailer. Basically, people are still pretty skeptical about the Venom movie at this time.

We might have to wait until Venom comes out to get a look at Carnage, leaving a surprise for moviegoers. It would make a lot of sense to keep the character hidden or maybe just teased in the upcoming promotional footage for the movie. At this point, it's tough to tell since Marvel fans remain to be indifferent to the movie, coming off more like Star Wars fans at the moment. While we wait to find out what Carnage will really look like in the Venom movie, you can check out the awesome fan-made version below, provided by BossLogic's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick