Sony has released the first clip from Venom, which sets up the conflict between Dr. Carlton Drake and Eddie Brock. Brock is an investigative journalist looking to get to the bottom of the Life Foundation's questionable pharmaceutical testing practices, but when he directs those questions at Drake, he is expelled from the building. While the clip doesn't show off any symbiote action, it does preview what's to come later in the film. The short clip is exactly the kind of teaser that will make fans want to see more.

We're only a few short weeks away from Venom hitting movie theaters, and Marvel fans are starting to get really curious about what Ruben Fleischer and Tom Hardy have done with the anti-hero. It has been heavily rumored that nearly all of the footage that has been released in promotional material so far is from the first act of the film, leading to speculation about other symbiotes making an appearance sooner, rather than later. So far, we've only seen teases of an epic battle between Eddie Brock and Riot.

Riz Ahmed's Dr. Carlton Drake blurs the lines between good and bad in Venom, according to the actor. Drake is looking to colonize other planets to save humanity, which is how he ends up finding the symbiotes. But he believes what he is doing is right, and goes about his mission, justifying his actions along the way. Ahmed went on to say that he understands why his character acts the way that he does, maintaining that Drake is just looking to save the human race and stopping at nothing to make it happen.

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Venom is going to be Sony's first venture into the Spider-Man universe and there is a lot riding on the project. Some Marvel fans are skeptical from what they have seen so far, which amounts to a lot of digital effects and violence. However, we've only seen trailers and teasers at this point in time. The Lethal Protector comic series is some pretty tough source material, so it will be very interesting to see how the film tackles it and to see if it's successful enough to warrant a sequel, which is already being talked about.

Venom hits theaters on October 5th, which is also the same day that the Venom soundtrack will be released, featuring Eminem's "Venom" track. The song is already available to stream or purchase, but no other songs have been posted as of this writing. The film is rated PG-13, but Ruben Fleischer recently revealed that there's a chance that an unrated cut of the movie could happen for the Blu-ray release, noting that "anything is possible." It's all going to come down to the reaction to the movie when it opens. Hopefully, it does well enough to earn that unrated cut and a sequel. In the meantime, you can watch the clip from Venom below, thanks to the IGN YouTube channel}.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick