The final fight scene in 2018's Venom looks really awkward without any CGI. Tom Hardy shared footage of the scene in question and it's truly weird. Marvel fans are anxiously awaiting the first trailer from Venom 2, which is still on schedule to open in theaters this fall. Andy Serkis is behind the camera this time around and comic book fans are hoping for a darker story, though it's really unclear what the tone of the sequel will be just yet.

In the Venom behind-the-scenes footage that Tom Hardy shared, we see his Eddie Brock/Symbiote character fighting with Riz Ahmed's Carlton Drake/Riot. However, the CGI has not been added and it looks like the two actors are engaged in an awkward dance. Hardy says, "Not remotely awkward BTS snippet recorded by Kelly Marcel Venom 1 physical theatre 101," in the video's caption. The two actors are very graceful in their moves, but it does look a bit weird when taken out of context like this, which is why the actor shared the video.

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While Venom was not a hit with critics or comic book fans, it was a worldwide box office success. A sequel was inevitable and it is believed that Tom Hardy wanted the movie to have a darker tone. While some fans enjoyed the comedic element of the first installment, many would like to see it go for the sequel. Some of the best elements were when Tom Hardy and Riz Ahmed were on screen together and then elevated in the Symbiote vs. Riot scenes. With Carnage taking part in Venom 2, we could end up seeing a darker movie.

Tom Hardy's video is humorous, but it also shows how much hard work went into pulling off that particular fight scene in the first Venom movie. While some may assume that the heavy lifting was done on the computer, Hardy and Riz Ahmed were pulling off most of those moves together in real-life before the post-production process added the magic on top. The CGI in the movie was one of things that most agreed upon in a positive light since it was so well done.

With Andy Serkis behind the camera, the motion capture work will more than likely be elevated. Serkis is the master of Hollywood motion capture work and he might have passed on some invaluable tips to Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson for Venom 2. As for when we'll see the first footage from the sequel, that is unclear, though early summer seems like a safe bet, depending on if Serkis and crew are able to edit some footage together from home to get it ready for a mass release. For now, we'll just have to wait and see what happens. In the meantime, you can watch Hardy and Riz Ahmed fight gracefully from the set of the first Venom below, thanks to Tom Hardy's Instagram account.