It was reported last week that the first trailer for Venom would be released soon, but tomorrow is a lot sooner than initially anticipated. Sony has unveiled the first official poster for Venom as well as revealing that we'll get out first look at Tom Hardy in the highly anticipated movie tomorrow. Production recently wrapped and the trailer was rated last week, which led to speculation that we would be seeing some footage in the near future. This also leads to further speculation that the trailer will play ahead of Marvel's Black Panther.

The first official poster for Venom features the iconic eyes of the character set against a black background. Simple, yet very effective along, with Tom Hardy's name and the logo. The eyes of Venom look different from the more comic style that we saw Ruben Fleischer and Hardy reveal at Brazil Comic-Con. And as far as the logo goes, it's the same logo that we saw on the back of Tom Hardy's shirt during the event, but instead of being solid white like the t-shirt, it's a metallic looking silver with a touch of an unsettling red outline.

As far as the first footage is concerned, we'll have to wait until tomorrow. However, it's more than likely going to be a short teaser that introduces us to Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock and a tease of the symbiote. Riz Ahmed could show up as Dr. Carlton Drake from the Life Foundation, and maybe we'll get a first look at Michelle Williams, but it seems more than likely that we'll get a tease of Brock and his life in San Francisco. Venom is rumored to rated R, but the trailer is rated PG, which leads to speculation that we won't be seeing a whole lot.

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Additionally, Venom just wrapped production and it is assumed that most of the heavy lifting will take place in post-production. Tom Hardy gets into the symbiote through motion capture technology and we've yet to see any photos of him in the mo-cap gear. That doesn't mean that he hasn't shot anything, it just seems unlikely since what we saw from the set was hints of the symbiote taking over Eddie Brock. Again, we'll just have to wait and see, but a short teaser seems the most logical.

The Venom movie is based off of the Lethal Protector comic series, which will see Eddie Brock as an investigative journalist in San Francisco while trying out the super hero gig on the side. The first official image of Tom Hardy as Brock was recently released and showed the character with a small note pad with Life Foundation prominently written in the notebook. Other than that, not much is clear in terms of what we'll see when the spider-man spin-off hits theaters in October. Will we get a tease of the heavily rumored Carnage? While we wait to see, you can check out the first official poster for Venom below, courtesy of the Venom Movie Twitter account.

<strong><em>Venom</em></strong> movie poster
Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick