It won't be long now before Venom is tearing apart movie screens across the country. Sony's first Spider-Man spin-off will be in theaters this October, and the studio is really turning up the heat as we head into this comic book adaptation that centers around an anti-hero who likes to eat brains and other body organs. They've unleashed two very different, yet equally cool, posters to help celebrate the impending release.

The first poster is perhaps the cooler of the two. It sure does have a lot going on, and is very busy. Front and center is the deadly symbiote that overtakes and posses Eddie Brock. He's the size of Godzilla, looming over San Francisco as the town prepares for a rocket launch. We also see the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in the background. Under Venom we see Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock. He looks tough in his black leather jacket as the symbiote springs from his chest. He is flanked by his two co-stars. On his right is Riz Ahmed as Carlton Drake, the mad scientist trying to get a handle on exactly how powerful and useful these symbioses can be. To his left is Michelle Williams as Anne Weying, Brock's love interest who has a few interesting secrets of her own.

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It was revealed in the final trailer that Carlton Drake will actually be turning into the symbiote Riot, and will fight Venom in a huge epic climax battle that looks pretty impressive. So impressive, in fact, it's hard to take in all at once. Anne Weying is being set up to appear as She-Venom in future Venom movies, if this one is popular enough to warrant a sequel. But we won't get to see her transform here, not yet.

The second poster released today comes from IMAX. The tag line screams out a demand for you to experience Venom in the immersive format. Who cares if it costs almost $25, just do it. Buy that ticket! The image covering most of this one-sheet is comic book inspired. It features the symbiote's giant head, though it is not big enough to contain this creature's mouth or eyes. We see Venom's sharp teeth, with his signature tongue curling out from its mouth. It's wicked in every way possible.

Venom is gearing up for a big box office debut. Some analysts are positioning it to launch with a $60M+ debut, to beat the October record set by Gravity. Some fans are extremely disappointed that Venom is arriving in theaters with a. PG-13 rating. Many believed it would launch Sony's first R rated superhero franchise. But that's not the case. While the studio promises that Venom will push the boundaries of what a PG-13 movie can be, Sony wants to leave room open for a Spider-Man appearance somewhere down the line, and that can't happen in an R rated flick.

Rest assured, Venom will still be very violent. And the promises of Venom biting bad guys' heads off, and eating all of their organs, seems to still be intact. We just won't get the full on brunt of the bad business this guy can deliver. Perhaps there will be an unrated Blu-ray release at some point, but that's not been confirmed or denied just yet. Take a look at Venom and crew as they get ready to take over San Francisco and the rest of the world one big mouth full of very sharp teeth at a time. These posters come from Sony by way of IMP Awards.

Venom poster
Venom IMAX Poster
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