We've got some new, crucial details regarding Venom. One big question regarding the project ever since it first came to light was whether or not Sony would go the Deadpool route and go all-out by making this thing R-rated. Unfortunately, it looks like the studio wanted to go for a possibly wider audience and has gone with the PG-13 rated version of Venom. So don't expect this thing to get crazy violent or over-the-top.

The news comes as several major theater chains have released pre-sale tickets for Venom, which stars Tom Hardy in the title role. Exhibitor websites have revealed that the movie is indeed rated PG-13, which may come as something of a bummer to those who were looking for a more unhinged take on the character. Though, it shouldn't necessarily come as a huge surprise. Had Sony truly intended on going R-rated with this thing, they probably would have made it a crux of the marketing campaign, much in the same way that Fox did with Deadpool. They didn't do anything of the like, making this PG-13 reveal somewhat expected.

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This does open the door for some sort of "unrated" cut, or something of the like, assuming Venom winds up being a success at the box office. That all depends on whether or not director Ruben Fleischer actually shot any R-rated material, or if they kind of kept it PG-13 the whole way. But there is that shot making it appear as though Venom is literally going to bite off a crook's head in the trailer. That could definitely be R-rated stuff, depending on how far they went with it before getting into the editing room.

Another reveal comes in the form of the movie's official runtime. According to exhibitor websites, Venom cocks in at a very reasonable 112 minutes, which is just under two hours, including credits. And any post-credit scenes that may be included. That runtime, in itself, isn't terribly revealing, as it's right in the sweet spot for a blockbuster such as this. It's not overly long, such as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, nor is it head-scratchingly short. The real question is, of what quality is the material that fills this 1 hour and 52 minute-long comic book adaptation? We're going to have to wait until the first round of reviews arrive online to get some sort of answer there.

There are hopes that Venom will open the door for further Spider-Man-adjacent characters to get their own movies, such as Morbius and Kraven the Hunter, that can begin to connect in their own shared universe. That all hinges on this first movie and how well it does at the box office. Currently, it looks like Tom Hardy's star power is going to help break the October opening weekend record, based on early tracking numbers. We'll see if that pans out. Sony is set to release Venom in theaters on October 5.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott