Ludwig Goransson's Venom score doesn't come out until October 5th, but the tracklist has been revealed ahead of the street date and it teases that we'll see an "Unexpected Ally" when the movie hits theaters. As for who, or what, that ally will be, is anyone's guess at the moment, but the alliance appears to happen towards the end of the film. As for the beginning of the movie, it seems that Venom will show how the symbiote makes its way to Earth from space.

The track on the Venom score is entitled "Unexpected Ally" and could very well point to the relationship between the Venom symbiote and Eddie Brock, but the promotional material for the movie makes it seem like they come to an agreement fairly early on in the film. It is believed that the majority of the footage from the trailers and TV spots comes from the first act of the movie. With that being said, could the symbiote find an ally in Riot? Or maybe another symbiote arrives on Earth? Maybe it's Spider-Man, who has long been rumored to have a cameo. But what is Peter Parker doing all the way out in San Francisco?

The Venom score's last two tracks are titled "Battle on the Launchpad" and "You Belong With Us," respectively. It has been heavily rumored that Woody Harrelson is playing Carnage in the film, so we could see an alliance between the Riot and Scream symbiotes to potentially fight Carnage at the end of the movie. However, that has yet to be confirmed. We do know that Sony plans to make a sequel, and the last track could provide some insight about Eddie Brock making a decision to stick with the symbiote to leave the door open for a potential second installment.

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Ludwig Goransson has worked with Ryan Coogler many times in the past, and he provided the score for this year's Black Panther. The director and composer have been friends for many years and collaborate as much as they can. Goransson is also a frequent collaborator with Donald Glover's Childish Gambino, and is currently working with the actor/writer/musician on his final album under the Childish Gambino name. No release date has been set, but the album is expected to come out before the end of the year.

While the tracklist for the original Venom score has been revealed, the Venom soundtrack album has yet to be announced, save for the Eminem track, which was recently released. Eminem provides a track called "Venom," and it has been received very well since its release. Sony's Venom hits theaters on October 5th, and comic book fans are anxious to see what Ruben Fleischer and Tom Hardy have brought to the table. There was an initial feeling of disappointment when the PG-13 rating was revealed, but it looks like the film will be rather dark as evidenced by the latest promotional material. You can check out the tracklisting for the Venom score below, thanks to Film Music Reporter.

  • 1. Space Exploration
  • 2. Symbiotes Arrive
  • 3. First Contact
  • 4. Eddie's Blues
  • 5. Run, Eddie, Run
  • 6. What's Wrong With Me
  • 7. Panic at the Bistro
  • 8. Humans... Such Poor Design
  • 9. Self Defense
  • 10. Pedal to the Metal
  • 11. Eyes, Lungs, Pancreas
  • 12. You Want Up?
  • 13. Venom Rampage
  • 14. Annie, I'm Scared
  • 15. Parasite
  • 16. Unexpected Ally
  • 17. Battle on the Launch Pad
  • 18. You Belong With Us

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick