After a disappointing teaser trailer for Sony's Venom movie, where the symbiote was only hinted at, but never shown, we now have our very first look thanks to a new promotional image. The teaser trailer was seen as a pretty big mistake for not giving us a look at the symbiote. Instead of looking like a Venom project, it looked like a Tom Hardy action movie, with no sign of the symbiote except for a minor tease. However, it looks like a leaked promotional image has finally given us what we've been waiting for.

It appears that our first look at the symbiote from Venom has appeared in a newly leaked image of Brisk Iced Tea in Dark Cherry Limeade flavor. The gross-sounding beverage has the Venom logo on it as well as a clear picture of the symbiote. The big white eyes are there along with the jagged teeth and salivating mouth, looking pretty much like what we'd expect him to look like. It just seems strange that we would see such a big reveal on the side of an iced tea bottle.

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After the teaser trailer for Venom was released, rumors started to spring up that the symbiote wouldn't show up until the very end of the movie. The rumor suggested that Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock wouldn't get completely covered by the symbiote until the final scenes and that it would be a slow progression. Obviously, the rumor did not sit well with fans after the disappointing debut footage. Hardy took to social media recently to dispel the rumors, vaguely telling fans not to believe everything that they read.

As for this being the final look for the symbiote in the Venom movie, it could be based off of concept art at this time, since the movie is still a good six months away from hitting theaters. Or, it could be the final look that we'll see on the big screen in another botched advertising attempt. Another trailer for Venom should be on the way soon, one that has more of the after effects in place, and hopefully gives us a real look at the symbiote. Until then, we have this weird bottle of iced tea to look at.

Venom hits theaters on October 5th, 2018. Before then, it's expected to undergo some reshoots this summer. The story has been confirmed by Tom Hardy and director Ruben Fleischer to be loosely based on the Lethal Protector comic series, which has many hardcore Marvel fans excited. As with most movies, the teaser trailer isn't going to give everybody the whole story, especially when it was released a few weeks after production had wrapped. Most of the heavy lifting for the film will be done in the post-production process, which is going on right now. While we wait for a look at the symbiote in a new trailer, you can check out the images from the leaked iced tea photos below, courtesy of Foggy Nelson's Twitter account.