A new video from the set of Venom has found its way online and it features Eddie Brock having some motor skills issues, almost as if he's not entirely in control of his body. There was another video from the set that was released last week, which showed Tom Hardy as Brock in a fight where it also looked like he was getting some extra help from within. Could this be the symbiote exerting some control? In addition, an artist rendering of a bust of Venom may have accidentally leaked our first sneak peek at what the suit will look like in Sony's Venom movie.

The newly released concept art for Venom comes to us via artist Michael Frandsen and it looks pretty epic. There is no color in the pictures, just the symbiote in gray with the trademark razor-sharp teeth as well as the long tongue. Frandsen gives credit to Marvel Studios, so it isn't exactly clear if the concept art that we're looking at will be what ends up in Venom. However, Michael Frandsen's website has him working on an untitled project that is due out in 2018, which coincidentally the same year that Venom hits theaters.

Additionally, there's a new video from the set of Venom in Atlanta and it features Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock stepping out of a car from the back. He is shown getting out and repeatedly slamming the door and looking pretty awkward, getting drawn back to the car to slam the door again and then walking it off, trying to maintain normality. There's nobody else in the shot that we can make out since the video is taken from pretty far away, but it's enough to give you an idea that there is definitely something off about Eddie Brock.

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In other Venom news, it was recently confirmed by Michelle Williams that she is playing Eddie Brock's ex-wife, Anne Weying. Fans have speculated this for months, but we now have official confirmation from Williams. It isn't clear if she will just be playing the ex-wife and lawyer or if she'll be going down the darker path as She-Venom. Michelle Williams did say that she was learning from Tom Hardy and also noted that she's been doing some work pretending that a tennis ball is something more sinister, so she may end up meeting up with Venom or even turning.

Venom hits theaters next fall and has been in production for over a month now, leaving us excited to see what Tom Hardy's Venom will look like on the big screen. For now, we can check out the leaked video from the set that signals that something is wrong with Eddie Brock and speculate what exactly is going on in the scene. In addition, check out the reported concept art for Venom below, courtesy of CreatureMonster's Instagram account and see what you think.

Kevin Burwick