Sony's Venom trailer dropped today, but was it too soon? Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld believes that Sony should have waited a bit longer before releasing the first teaser for the highly anticipated movie and even went on to say that it flat out "sucks." Liefeld is not alone with his negative feeling about the Venom teaser, as many fans have taken to the internet to voice their dissatisfaction. The main gripe: Where's Venom? The teaser mostly showed off Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock with a teeny tiny nod to the symbiote.

In addition to calling out the Venom trailer for being Venom-less, Rob Liefeld also insinuated that Sony has been contacting web sites over the negative coverage that the teaser trailer has received. This has not been confirmed, so we'll have to take Liefeld's word on the matter. Liefeld's main point seems to be that the movie was not ready to be previewed. He had this to say.

"Sony, stop calling bloggers and expressing your dissatisfaction that they are reflecting the truth. You ran that teaser that wasn't ready for prime time! Look in the mirror."

There are plenty of fans who agree with Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld and they have been all over the internet posting about their disappointment. While some fans defended the Venom teaser on Liefeld's social media post, he shot a few of them down by saying, "BS, It sucks." While the trailer is dark and mysterious, it may be a little too mysterious, which is weird because it's a little on the long side of the teaser world. Many were shocked to see that the clip was nearly 2 minutes long and were ultimately let down when the symbiote was not shown.

The announcement of the Venom teaser trailer came yesterday with the debut of the first official poster and even then, people were wondering if it was too soon to release some footage. Tom Hardy announced that production had wrapped a few weeks ago after filming began in October, so nobody was quite sure what we were going to see. As far as a Eddie Brock heavy teaser is concerned, the studio might have been better off showing half as much footage with a tease of the symbiote, not a full-blown shot of Venom, but a tease.

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The decision to not show Venom in the teaser trailer ultimately makes the movie look confusing and like a normal action movie with a hint of sci-fi, which could lead to some confusion for people who are not aware of the character. Sony will definitely be going back to the drawing board when it comes time to promote Venom after this snafu because this was probably not the best way to introduce the movie. As for Rob Liefeld, he really didn't like the teaser trailer at all and is joined by a ton of fans who feel the same way. You can check out some of the comments below, courtesy of Rob Liefeld's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick