Eminem's Venom theme song music video has been released and it's a pretty cool tie-in to the movie, which hit theaters this weekend. The rapper surprise released his Kamikaze record a few weeks ago after teasing the Venom single on social media. Fans were happy to get one new song from Eminem, but he dropped an entire album the next day instead, which blew music fans away. Since then, the rapper has released three videos, including his newest for the symbiote-themed rap.

The Venom music video begins with a young man walking down the street and discovering an old Eminem CD on the sidewalk. He stops to pick it up and pulls a black mysterious disc from the tattered case, which starts to tease the look of the symbiote. The man is clearly infected and starts rapping lines to Eminem's song, twitching and convulsing as the rapper tries to take over its new host. The virus is passed through touch, which sees the symbiote spread across the city, from a young child to parents, partiers, and best of all, a little dog.

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At the end of the Venom theme song, Eminem shows up in a dark alley to finish the song, only to magically transform into the symbiote at the last second. It's an effective video and it currently has over 11 million views in just 24 hours. The track features all kinds of references to the movie, including Eddie Brock and the symbiote, but the video does not contain any footage from the film. The transformation at the end looks like it was done by Sony and is pretty awesome, albeit brief.

Eminem has been on a role since releasing Kamikaze. In addition to the three music videos released since then, the rapper also took some time to craft an epic Machine Gun Kelly diss track, which, depending on who you ask, destroyed the younger rapper. The beef between the two started back in 2012 when Kelly crafted a disturbing tweet about Em's daughter, who was sixteen at the time. Kelly then claimed in 2015 that he was banned from radio stations by Eminem and that it was having a detrimental effect on his career.

Things came to a boiling point when Machine Gun Kelly released his latest Eminem diss track, "Rap Devil" in September of this year. Em took a few weeks to respond and then unleashed the colossal "Killshot," tearing Kelly to pieces. The beef is still going on with fans of each rapper choosing their sides. Whatever the case may be, the diss tracks have brought some pretty awesome entertainment into the rap community over the past few weeks. Eminem is currently on top professionally after selling a ton of copies of Kamikaze and releasing the new Venom music video. You can watch Eminem turn into the symbiote below, thanks to the EminemMusic YouTube channel.