A new behind-the-scenes picture of Tom Hardy on the set of Venom may have just given us our first look at the actor in costume and it's a true treat for fans of the comics. There have been plenty of pictures shared from the set of the upcoming movie, which just began production, but this is the most interesting of the behind-the-scenes material that we have seen up until this point. Recently we were treated to a training video that showed Hardy's workout regimen with his team, including MMA fighter Nathan Jones and Mark Mene who promises that we're going to see some dark material here and that it's "going to be carnage."

There are several images that have been shared through a Tom Hardy fan Instagram account and while most of the pictures show off stuff that we have seen before like Eddie Brock's apartment, there is one particular picture that stands out from the rest. It's a close-up picture of Hardy taken from below, looking up at the actor and his face is obscured. It was previously revealed that Tom Hardy would be using motion capture to portray Venom in the movie and his face may be obscured in the picture in question for a reason.

What's more interesting than Tom Hardy's face being obscured is what he's wearing. It appears as if he's wearing some military tactical gear over something black along with some padded looking shoulders. Right away, it doesn't look like the Venom costume that fans are used to seeing in the comics and the big screen, but instead it could be that we're looking at a fan favorite version of Venom. Tom Hardy's Venom is rumored to be borrowing the military background of the Flash Thompson, aka Agent Venom version of the character and this picture certainly points in that direction, which is huge news for fans of the character.

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Nothing at this time has been officially confirmed, so it could be that we're seeing a version of Eddie Brock before he makes contact with the symbiote that turns him into Venom. But, seeing as Tom Hardy's face is obscured and seeing the padded shoulders suggests that we're going to see more of the tactical Agent Venom instead of the monstrous version of the character. There's not a whole lot to go off in the picture, but the idea does make sense, especially seeing that Agent Venom is a fan favorite and has yet to see that side of the character on the big screen.

Venom will be the first movie in Sony's Marvel universe and will be followed by Silver and Black. Sony's movies are separate to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which means it's highly unlikely that Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock will be shown chilling with Spider-Man in the near future. The movie is all set to open next fall and more information is to follow. But in the meantime, check out what could very well be our first picture of Agent Venom below, courtesy of Tom Hardy DotOrg's Instagram page.

Kevin Burwick