Want to know where Tom Hardy is right now? He's on set, shooting Venom. The actor has shared a new image, as he slows down for a moment in-between takes. Apparently, he's having a great time. Though, as evidenced by the image below, he's not quite ready to show off his Venom costume yet, which will most likely be a mix of CG and motion capture.

"Quick break from set. Two weeks down. #Venom"

It seems like just yesterday that shooting began on Venom, the first movie in Sony's proposed Marvel Universe, which is loosely connected to the MCU but stands alone with a different set of characters mostly pulled from the Spider-Man comics. The production will quickly be followed by Silver and Black, which has yet to be cast, but revolves around Silver Sable and Black Cat.

Tom Holland isn't set to appear as Peter Parker in this first of what could be many movies about antihero Venom. Ruben Fleischer is directing what will surely be one of the more interesting superhero movies, as it stands on the peripheral of Marvel's playground, giving fans a man who clearly straddles the middle of the defined line between good and evil.

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This is the second time Sony has offered an official look at the movie via social media, and it doesn't appear that they will be hiding this project at all during production. They are taking the Deadpool approach in that manner. They are also mirroring Ryan Reynold's break out it, in that Venom will be another R-rated Marvel outing that will up the violence, gore and profanity that the real MCU shies away from.

Sony is hoping to slowly build buzz for Venom. The character didn't get a fair shake with the first big screen iteration, which happened in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3. Topher Grace placed Eddie Brock in that sequel, but had to contend with one too many villains to really make an impact, not to mention a dancing Peter Parker that all but stole the show.

This new Venom does have some fans worried. But Tom Hardy seems to be the right choice for this particular character. Who knows when Sony will feel the time is right to drop the first official look at Venom, a move which has to be handled quite carefully. If they get that aspect of the movie wrong on any count, they can pretty much consider the movie dead in the water. And they certainly don't want months and months of fans screaming, 'This is going to suck' on Facebook. But whatever Sony offers up, that will probably happen anyway. Take a look at Tom Hardy as he gets a little down time on the Venom set.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange