The first Venom teaser trailer was released last week to mixed reactions and now director and comic book fan Kevin Smith is weighing in on it. Many comic book fans were already skeptical of Sony's Venom movie and the first trailer did not help ease fears. The main takeaway from the first teaser trailer is that Venom is not shown in it at all and the symbiote is barely alluded to in a quick flash of a second, which has led to many wondering if they even had enough footage to show off the movie.

On Kevin Smith's Hollywood Babble-On podcast, he and his cohost Ralph Garman talked about all of the recently released trailers including Solo: A Star Wars Story and the new TV spot for Infinity War. We already know that the first trailer for Infinity War made Smith weep and he's definitely excited for another epic Marvel movie. The same can be said for the upcoming Star Wars movie about a young Han Solo. But both Smith and Garman changed their tune when they began talking about Venom.

When the subject of Sony's Venom movie came up, Kevin Smith brought up the most common gripe about the movie: the lack of Venom. The teaser trailer is nearly 2-minutes long and there's not a whole lot going on to show that it's a movie about Venom at all and it looks like Ruben Fleischer hobbled something together as fast as he could. Smith went on to say that he saw a trailer for "Tom Hardy: The Movie." He explains.

"I didn't see a Venom trailer, I saw Tom Hardy: The Movie... It's a teaser, but you can't call the movie Venom and not show Venom."

Echoing the thoughts of many Marvel Comics fans, Kevin Smith also talked about the logistics of bringing the story to the big screen. The director went on to explain to his audience the origins of the symbiote from outer space in the Secret Wars and then questioned how the movie will go about introducing the symbiote. The director seems kind of frustrated by the Venom trailer, which is a common feeling. He had this to say.

"So, there's been questions about how do you tell the story, like you can't tell it the way it was told in the comics unless you do the Secret Wars story, so everyone is wondering how the f%$# is he going to become Venom and they showed the symbiote in the trailer trapped in the glass jar... It looked kind of badass."

Kevin Smith has some strong opinions about the Venom trailer, but they are nothing compared to Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld's thoughts on it. Liefeld called out the studio for whining about news sites trashing the teaser trailer and flat-out says that trailer "sucks." The move of releasing the teaser so early probably should not have happened and it will be intriguing to see how Sony rebounds from fumbling so early. You can check out the podcast over at

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Kevin Burwick