Venom finally screened recently and the first wave of reviews seem to be mixed, but skewing toward negative. But not so fast. This weekend also sees the release of A Star Is Born, which is directed by Bradley Cooper and stars Lady Gaga. In a very bizarre twist, some super fans of the pop star have been posting fake reviews of Venom from fake accounts in order to deter people from seeing the comic book movie this weekend so that A Star Is Born will do better business.

As bizarre as this may sound, it seems to be true. And it seems to be working at least a little bit. Quite a few people on Twitter picked up on it and several have warned against these potentially fake negative Venom movie reviews. The Marvel Mania Twitter account had this to say, along with some screenshots of questionable reviews.

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"Beware of fake #Venom movie reviews. There are people trying to promote Lady Gaga's A Star Is Born and are fabricating negative reviews. Look out for bots and only trust proper and regular reviewers."

These Lady Gaga super fans are known as the Little Monsters. This is also far from the first time a particular subset of a fandom has tried to sabotage a movie. Just look at what happened with The Last Jedi. One of these fans, 20-year-old Argentinian Juan Caniggia, tweeting as reina reech, claims this was just intended to be trolling and was done out of boredom. Here's one of reina reech's tweets.

"i am the biggest marvel fan but I just watched #Venom and I don't know what to say. Easily the worst movie this year. I expected so much better and now I'm just disappointed."

Not all of these crazed fans are trying to write this Venom hate off as simple trolling. A Twitter user, who only identified as LGMonster95, admitted to making fake accounts to promote A Star Is Born. Many of those accounts were meant to resemble stereotypical midwestern American moms. LGMonster95 had this to say in an interview.

"It's us Gaga fans creating fake IDs to trash the Venom premiere. They both are getting released on the same day, so we want more audience for A Star Is Born."

So there are indeed plenty of fake Venom reactions floating around online. This has already gone all the way around and has sort of become a snake that's eating its own tail. While there are some Marvel fans who are taking the fake hate and using it to fuel their desire to see Venom this weekend, others have taken a different approach. Twitter user shannytyrelle93, is just one example, of those who are now posting fake tweets against A Star Is Born, to mimic the ridiculousness of these Lady Gaga trolls.

"Was at the midnight screening of #AStarIsBorn but couldn't hear a single word because of the commotion coming from this woman , her husband, her 9 children & her 8 grandchildren as they engaged in a satanic orgy. I had to leave to watch #Venom⁠, best movie in years!"

In fairness, many legitimate critics who posted their reactions for Venom so far seem to think it's far from great. But using Twitter to circulate false buzz, negative or positive, can only lead to bad things. As you'll see in checking out the tweets below, there are even some who think these tweets are DC fans who are trolling. For whatever it may be worth, A Star Is Born has earned rave reviews thus far and, despite any negative buzz, legitimate or otherwise, Venom is on track for a huge opening weekend. This news was previously reported by BuzzFeed.