Sony recently announced the release date for Spider-Man spin-off Silver and Black. Now it seems that Riz Ahmed may be featured in both it and Venom, possibly starring as Chameleon. It was recently reported that Rogue One star Riz Ahmed is in talks to join the cast of Sony's Venom. Now a new report suggests that he'll also show up in Silver and Black. Since Ahmed is rumored to be in both of the spin-offs, which character is he going to play?

When it was announced that Riz Ahmed was in talks for Venom, many began to speculate that he was going to be playing the villainous Carnage, but it appears that he may be an entirely different character if the rumors of the actor joining the cast of Silver and Black are true. The news comes to us via Tracking Board editor, Jeff Sneider's Twitter page. Sneider was the first to break the story about Ahmed's talks with Sony in the first place. Now he's claiming that, since he brought up the villain Chameleon, the character will more than likely be showing up in Silver and Black as well.

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This is currently speculation and we should take the information with caution. But it certainly does not look like we would see Carnage in both the Venom spin-off and Silver and Black. Sneider also brought up that Tombstone and Tarantula could be options as well, but Chameleon just makes the most sense since the original article seems to emphasize the word "chameleon" when talking about Riz Ahmed's skills as an actor. Unfortunately, there is very little to go off of at the moment, but if the rumors are true, that Ahmed will show up in both movies, it makes sense to rule out Carnage.

It has been rumored that if Carnage shows up in Venom against Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock, it will be a twist and a surprise to the audience. So, we may still get to see Carnage in the movie, but just not with Ahmed playing the serial killer turned super villain. Another rumored villain to show up has been Kraven the Hunter, who is expected to get a spin-off of his own. Sony seems to be taking a cue from the MCU and staying very tight-lipped about the projects, so we'll just have to wait and see at this point.

Shooting is expected to start this fall for Venom, so we should find out who Riz Ahmed is officially playing really soon. Venom is set to hit theaters on October 5th, 2018 while the Silver Sable and Black Cat movie was just recently announced to officially come out on February 8th, 2019 under the direction of Gina Prince-Bythewood. The identity of Riz Ahmed's character will be revealed soon, but for now it sure looks like all signs are pointing to Chameleon popping up in both spin-offs.