The Amazing Spider-Man is just around the corner, hitting theaters July 3, and two of its producers revealed this reboot may lead into the superhero spin-off, Venom. Here's what producer Matthew Tolmach had to say, revealing Sony seems to be planning a universe similar to Marvel's The Avengers.

"What I'm trying to say to you without giving anything away is hopefully all these worlds will live together in peace someday."
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Producer Avi Arad also revealed that they are trying to stick closer to the comic book origin story of Eddie Brock.

"It's an Eddie Brock story. We want to be as close to the comics as possible. Especially in Eddie Brock's story. But again, pseudo-sceince is becoming science. All these tidbits about webs, artificial webs, is a huge industry now. Spiderwebs have unique qualities that will be huge for communications, fibers, and so forth. So we have taken the approach that we want to make the huge amazing movie about Eddie."

Matthew Tolmach also spoke about their approach to this journalist character.

"He was a journalist. He had the wrong story, he got in trouble for it, he got fired. The whole essence to us for the Marvel characters. Stay close to the bible, stay close to the emotional story, and the rest is fun."

We reported back in March that Chronicle director Josh Trank is in talks to direct this spin-off, but it isn't known if the deal has been finalized or not.