The last time we heard about a movie based off the hit TV series Veronica Mars was back in the summer of 2008 and, despite the lack of movement, the series creator believes the project still has life. Ausiello Files recently caught up with Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas, who cleared up the rumors regarding a film version of the series. Here's an excerpt from the article.

"It's not dead," insists Thomas. "I continue to want to do it. It's funny, because the rumors go around and around. Kristen Bell had said to somebody that I had written a script, and that wasn't correct. I did have a treatment and a pitch, with which I went to Warner Bros. and [Mars producer] Joel Silver and said, 'Here is the fastball version of the movie, the big studio version of the movie that I think we can make.' And I think they did one of their brand-awareness surveys and were like, 'We don't know if we can make money with that.' So it's been back-burnered. But I still want to do it. I'm still happy to do it. We're still looking into it."
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Thomas also talked about how Kristen Bell's age could turn this from a teen detective story into a more mature tale.

"There is a bit of a ticking clock [because] Kristen Bell does continue to age," he concedes of his 29-year-old leading lady. "And doing 'teen detective' [is a] dicey proposition. But frankly, I think Veronica Mars as a 30-year-old noir detective at some point in the future would still be interesting to me.