Misfits and Danzig front man Glenn Danzig has inked a deal to bring his Verotik horror comics to the big screen. Danzig will be working with Cleopatra Entertainment and will write, direct, and score the anthology-style set of films. The singer plans to tell the story of three individuals and their stories in his new set of movies. Danzig started the Verotik series back in 1994 after being an avid comic book collector throughout his life. The stories are usually sexual in nature and like his music, lean on a major horror element.

Glenn Danzig has been bringing horror to the masses ever since the late 1970s when he started the massively influential horror punk band The Misfits. However, Danzig had always wanted to write and put out his own comic books and considered himself to be a failed comic artist. Whatever he couldn't get out with comics, he put it into his music with the Misfits, Samhain, and later Danzig. While his band was at the height of its commercial popularity in the early 1990s, Danzig finally started his childhood dream with Verotik comics.

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Verotik is a portmanteau of the words "violence" and "erotic," which should give you a pretty good idea about what all of the stories are about. There are big muscled barbarians along with babes carrying swords, wearing next to nothing. The comics have been generally well-received, especially for the artists that Glenn Danzig has worked with over the years. Famed comic book illustrators Liam Sharp and Tim Vigil have both helped out with the Verotik collection. As for bringing the creations to the big screen, Danzig has been giving ideas and sometimes fully directing his music videos for the last several years.

This is not the first time that a Verotik comic book has been made into a movie. The story Grub Girl was made into a pornographic film in 2006. The movie is notable for being over 80 minutes and following the storyline pretty well. With that being said, the upcoming Verotik movies will certainly be NSFW, but not a straight up porn film. Instead, the movies will probably have a B-movie horror vibe to them with tons of gore and sex sprinkled in for good measure.

The Verotik movies are something that Glenn Danzig has wanted to do for a while. Fellow musician and diehard Danzig fan Rob Zombie has had a great career in both music and directing horror movies, so this could be a new successful venture for Danzig, if pulled off in the right way. Filming is set to begin this fall, so we should all find out soon enough what direction that Danzig is going to take with his comic book series for a big screen adaptation. At the very least, it will certainly be very interesting. This story was first announced by Blabbermouth.