Chicago's Cinepocalypse Film Festival was treated to Glenn Danzig's long-awaited horror anthology Verotika. Instead of screams of terror, the audience was full of laughter, much to Danzig's surprise. The iconic musician wrote all of the original Misfits songs, fronted Samhain, and brought Danzig to the mainstream, but making a horror movie doesn't appear to be one of his talents as many are calling Verotika, which he wrote, directed, and scored, The Room of horror movies. This is Danzig's attempt to pay tribute to the anthology films of the 1960s and 1970s, so the bar wasn't very high to begin with. The musician seemed taken aback by the laughter the movie received after the credits rolled.

Nobody was expecting Verotika to earn Glenn Danzig an Academy Award. "I don't wanna direct some Academy Award piece of sh*t," Danzig told the crowd, which is a good thing, because this movie certainly isn't going to be taking one home. Maybe years later when a comedy movie is written about the making of Verotika will it get any award recognition from the Academy. He allegedly said, "You guys laughed in some of the places I wouldn't have, but that's cool," at the conclusion of the Cinepocalypse screening, completely unaware of what he has just unleashed to the world.

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There are three stories that make up Glenn Danzig's Verotika. The first one revolves around a woman who mysteriously has eyes where her nipples are. At one point, her tears fall on to a spider, which turns it into a massive, humanoid spider. At another point during the painfully hilarious portion, a woman is talking to a spider person, separate from the one above, who is named "Neckbreaker..." You can only guess what happens next. He breaks her neck.

The second story in Verotika is about a mystery girl who strips for a living and never shows her face. She also goes around and murders her fellow strippers to steal their faces, but actually never shows herself wearing said faces. The acting has been described as "porno-esque" and the editing is downright unbearable in spots. Reality star Courtney Stodden appears in this section and gets her face torn off. The last portion of the movie is about a "medieval queen who bathes in the blood of virgin girls she executes to stay youthful." This is reportedly the best/worst part of the entire movie.

Glenn Danzig's Verotika might not get the wide release it deserves and it might only play on screens at horror festivals. However, fans of the musician should try and get Danzig to release it online for the world to see. Give it to Shudder and let them stream it. Let Joe Bob Briggs take on a current horror anthology movie on his show. The world needs Verotika, the horror comedy they didn't know they needed. AV Club was the first reveal how great Glenn Danzig's Verotika really is.

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