For 16 years, America has been riveted by the outrageous guests and topics that make up The Jerry Springer Show. It showcases some of America's most colorful characters, wild relationships and truly amazing stories.

Now, for the first time, viewers can see how The Jerry Springer Show, dubbed "the worst show in the history of television" by TV Guide, is made as backstage cameras capture life behind the curtain with VH1's new docu-soap, The Springer Hustle. This insider's look at how America's most controversial television show is made premieres Sunday, April 15, at 11:30PM*.

The half-hour series will focus on the dedicated team of producers in the eye of the Springer hurricane -- a tight-knit family charged with bringing the wildest American stories possible to television. There's Selena, the beautiful and obsessively driven producer who works relentlessly to make her shows shine; Toby, one of the show's top producers, whose recent run of bad luck has sent him into an emotional tailspin; Annette, one of the original producers, who left the show for a few years, only to be drawn back by the day-to-day mayhem she couldn't find anywhere else -- all work round the clock to impress their demanding boss Richard Dominick, who is stingy with the compliments, but loyal to the core. Springer Hustle will shift to a regular timeslot of Sundays at 11PM* beginning April 22nd.

The Jerry Springer Show is a tough place to work. The office is far from glamorous. The daily grind of making the magic happen takes its toll. Yet, this devoted crew digs deep to present a rogues' gallery of the most outrageous people ever to sit down in front of a TV camera.

At the center of it all is ringmaster Jerry Springer, the icon whose name has become synonymous with the never-ending parade of human oddities we've come to know and love. Springer is currently hosting The Jerry Springer Show's 16th season in national syndication and is slated to host America's Got Talent this summer.

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