VHS tapes have become relics of a bygone era over the past 2 decades, meaning that you can find classic movies in thrift stores for practically free. A quick glance through the tapes will inevitably feature some blank tapes or home-dubbed versions of Hollywood films. However, one man over the weekend found a tape that was simply labeled, "A Surprise!" with a smiley face, which obviously meant that he had to buy it and figure out what was on this mysterious VHS tape.

Anybody hoping for some kind version of The Ring are going to be sadly mistaken. Twitter user Foone bought the tape and took it home, and documented the whole process. The video starts with a can of Orange Crush soda as the focal point as well as some heavy breathing, probably out of nerves before putting in the mystery video tape. Soon, the small television is turned on and the VHS is inserted into the VCR player.

While waiting patiently for the video to start, Foone is treated to one of the most epic Rickrolling experiences ever caught on film. That's it. Just Rick Astley singing his hit 1987 song, "Never Gonna Give You Up." Foone is obviously annoyed at his "surprise" and fast forwards a bit before throwing the tape in the garbage. Commenters on the video have suggested that Foone take the video out of the trash and either return it or place it somewhere else for somebody else to get the surprise Rickroll. Horror fans were expecting so much more out of the video, but sometimes a good ol' Rickrolling will haunt you for days.

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One commenter on Foone's video reminded him that the incident was pretty reminiscent of how The Ring started, which prompted him to think about pulling the video out of the trash to dub the horror movie on it and then returning it, which is a pretty awesome idea. The video has also inspired some copycats, so look out for any VHS videos labeled as a "surprise" or anything else that may lead you down the path of an epic Rick Roll experience. The idea is pretty amazing in its simplicity and comes at a time when most thought that the Rick Roll was gone forever.

The Rickroll has had a good run, starting in 2007 and as previously noted, many thought the world of Rickrolling is over. As it turns out, it just went even further old school and is living on in infamy on random VHS tapes found in thrift stores. While Foone was definitely not amused by his surprise find, the video has since been shared on Twitter over a million times, which means that there's definitely some people out in the world enjoying it. You can check out the video below, from Foone's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick