Psi-Ops: According to Variety, the team behind Spy Hunter is aiming for another vidgame adaptation.

Producers Adrian Askarieh and Chuck Gordon have optioned "Psi-Ops" from publisher Midway, which also owns "Spy Hunter."

They're in negotiations with a helmer and plan to take the property and director as a package to studios after Labor Day.

"Psi-Ops" is the story of a government agent with psionic powers whose memory is erased. He slowly recalls his abilities as he is sent to infiltrate a group of rogue agents who were also part of his training program.

"I've always been interested in the whole idea of psionic powers that have been developed by the government, even though they've been very close-mouthed about admitting they conducted those kind of experiments," Askarieh said of the game's appeal.

He added that the "Psi-Ops" deal came together in part based on what the two producers were able to accomplish with Spy Hunter.