The Porn Section

Porn Section

It isn't like I spent copious amounts of time here but the Porn section was so forbidden it had to be magical. Now, most video stores limited the porn section to a private room. Other's simply made it a separate section that was away from the rest of the store. You had to be 18 or older to go inside it. However, it wasn't like video stores could afford to post somebody outside it. If you were a curious kid or teen, to get inside it you had to be stealth. You had to walk into the section like you were meant to be there. Then once you got in, holy moly, the things you saw were like nothing else. With titles that often riffed on popular movies of the day (JurANAL Park, anyone?), it was hard not to be in this section and be immature. Oftentimes there were other people in the section with you. However, unlike the traditional video store, the porn section was fairly quiet. It is if there was some unwritten rule: Don't Bother Me and I Won't Bother You. I never rented a porno films. I never had that much moxie. By the time I was old enough to rent movies on my own, Blockbuster had virtually monopolized the market. They didn't have a porn spot. As the local video shops died, sadly, so did the porn section. Sure, you could go to a real place of pornography where that was all they sold, but it wasn't as much fun as the small nook it inhabited in the video store.

Evan Jacobs