Last month we reported that Oscar winner Christoph Waltz would be replacing Sean Penn in an upcoming film project, and now we've learned that Waltz himself had to be replaced on another film as well. Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting that Viggo Mortensen will replace Christoph Waltz in The Talking Cure.

It seemed that when Waltz stepped in for Penn for the film Water for Elephants last month, he had to leave The Talking Cure, which will be directed by David Cronenberg and is set to start filming this May. Mortensen, who starred in Cronenberg's last two films, A History of Violence and Eastern Promises, has stepped in for Waltz.

The film, based off the play by Christopher Hampton, centers on the conflict between Sigmund Freud (Mortensen) and his student Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender). Keira Knightley will play Sabina, a woman who goes into be treated by Jung and ends up having an affair with him.

The film is set to start principal photography on May 17.