Filmmaker Baltasar Kormákur's next adventure will be Vikingr for Universal Pictures. Kormakur wrote the story and the script, along with Ólafur Egilsson.

Producers on the project include Kormakur under his RVK Studios banner, Marc Platt Productions' Marc Platt and Adam Siegel, Working Title's Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner and Nathalie Marciano.

The project is based on the classic tales deriving from the legendary Icelandic Sagas, which document larger than life heroes, adventures and battles of early Nordic settlers, as well as daily life in the Viking age.

Universal and Kormakur have a long running relationship going back to his breakthrough picture Contraband, which grossed $91 million worldwide on a $25 million budget. It was based on Kormakur's Icelandic movie Reykjavik-Rotterdam. Since then, he has also directed 2 Guns for the studio as well as the upcoming drama Everest.