History Channel's Vikings descended upon Comic-Con earlier today, with a panel presentation in Room 6A, where the first trailer for Season 4 was unveiled. Stars Travis Fimmel (Ragnar), Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha), Clive Standen (Rollo), and Alexander Ludwig (Bjorn) were joined by series creator Michael Hirst for the show's annual panel, where they revealed several new details about Vikings, which was renewed for this upcoming season back in March.

Alexander Ludwig revealed that his character, still mourning the loss of Thorunn (Gaia Weiss), will try to accelerate the healing process by going on a spirit quest, where he encounters a bear that comedy fans may recognize.

"He decides to figure out his life and go out to the woods. And while he's there, this bear starts stalking him. Ironically, the bear had a bigger resumé than anyone else on the set. It was the Anchorman bear. I was starstruck."

Travis Fimmel added that his character Ragnar is also recovering in this new season, which has made him obsessed with death.

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"He's got very close to death. A lot of this year is his fascination with death. Like Odin, who hung himself to feel how it felt to be dead."

Series creator Michael Hirst added that, while the show has added Paris as an important setting, fans will still catch up with England's King Ecbert (Linus Roache).

"He's a fascinating character. A good foil for Ragnar. There are many things they have in common, which they recognize. They may well, ultimately, get the chance to talk about some of the things they have in common."

Michael Hirst also teased that they may jump forward in time this season, while Travis Fimmel revealed that he has a new love interest, although nothing was revealed about the character and the actress who portrays her.

"A very talented actress. We've been working a lot lately. I think it's going to be a unique relationship."

Michael Hirst teased that there is a historical connection between this love interest and Ragnar.

"It's very unexpected. When I first thought of it, I did check with a historical expert that this was a possible connection."

Check out the new trailer for this beloved History Channel series, although the network has not issued a premiere date yet. What do you think about these new details for Vikings? Check out the trailer and stay tuned for more on the upcoming season.