The Chronicles Of Riddick:Entertainment Tonight recently caught up with action star, Vin Diesel, to talk about his upcoming sci-fi horror flick, The Chronicles Of Riddick, which serves as the sequel to 2000's Pitch Black...

"I knew that this was a character that had such a complex and interesting dynamic that I wanted to revisit him," Vin tells Maria. "[When I shot 'Pitch Black'] I wanted to imagine what his universe would look like, and that's what this is. We're not making a movie, we're making a universe." RELATED: Chronicles of Riddick 4 Script Comes in Next Week Teases Vin Diesel

Captured and imprisoned on a planet where the extreme temperatures range from arctic nights to volcanic days, Riddick partners with a young woman from his past (newcomer ALEXA DAVALOS) to escape, only to find himself confronting a group of religious zealots led by the evil Lord Marshall (COLM FEORE from "Storm of the Century"), a tyrant bent on waging a deadly crusade across the galaxy.

"What's so interesting about Riddick is that he is an anti-hero that has to struggle just to understand the purpose or relevance of heroism," says Vin. "So he travels through the universe, aloof to his heroic calling, and that's what this movie's about. It's about existing your whole life without any sense of identity and not knowing where you come from, and not knowing who you are, or why you exist. And that feels like a very relevant issue to build a mythology around."

In the lushly designed film, Vin gets to sport a variety of looks and costumes ("A lot of the day is putting on armor, taking off armor," he says), along with cool, special contact lenses that make his eyes glow in the dark.

"It's enhanced night vision and it allows Riddick to see in the dark," explains Vin. "[I shot 'Pitch Black' in the Outback of Australia] and these dust particles would get under these contacts, and I don't wear contacts. But this [time] is difficult for another reason, because it's so action intense that you're sweating all the time, and sweat gets in your eyes, and it doesn't make me feel too good."