Allocine and VinXperience are reporting that actor Vin Diesel may in fact be set to star as the hero in french director, Mathieu Kassowitz's Babylon A.D., based on Maurice G. Dantec's book "Babylon Babies."

Kassovitz is on Diesel fuel. Previously, it was expected that French actor Vincent Cassel, Kassowitz's long-time collaborator in various projects like La Haine and Crimson Rivers, would topline the science-fiction thriller, Babylon A.D. But, unlike announced in 2003, the actor - who can be currently seen in France in a wicked thriller called Le Sheitan - will not take part of this project. He will instead, play Jacques Mesrine, France's former Public Enemy No. 1, in a two-part project, entitled Death Instinct and Public Enemy Number One.

The main role of Babylon A.D., temporary title of the movie, will go to Vin Diesel, stated Le Film Français, a weekly movie paper. The action star of XXX and The Fast and the Furious will be next seen in Sidney Lumet's courtroom drama, Find Me Guilty, playing this month at Berlinale. Kassowitz recently played a supporting role in Spielberg's Munich, but hasn't directed since 2003's Gothika.

The very ambitious and much awaited movie is planned for next June. The movie's 60 million dollar budget will be financed by Alain Goldman and Mathieu Kassowitz. Babylon takes place in the very close future, where the world is torn apart by wars, the mafia and the sects. The philosophical and visionary science fiction book will be the second adaptation of Dantec's writings, after Oliver Megaton's movie version of La Sirene Rouge.