Vin Diesel on extended version of The Chronicles of Riddick

coming to DVD November 16th!

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The Chronicles of Riddick: MovieWeb recently had the opportunity to sit down with actor Vin Diesel to discuss the upcoming Chronicles of Riddick: Director’s Cut DVD. We found the star excited about the extended cut of the picture, which sees nearly twenty minutes of high-quality material originally cut from the theatrical release, including an entire character that has since been reintroduced.

“I was pleased with the theatrical cut,” says the actor, “and I was excited about the idea of adding other story elements into the film. When we were creating the story we were creating a story that would be told over three films. [The added character] is introducing something that is paid off in the third film, actually. The way that it’s designed…In the Chonicles of Riddick 2 we’ll go into the Underverse. Chronicles 3, if you will, is really that final return home.”

But will the planned trilogy ever be completed, given the mild reviews and moderate profits of the first outing?

“Nothing’s a lock in this world,” assures Diesel. “We’ll see what happens with the DVD, I guess. It’s thrilling. And it’s also frightening. It’s thrilling because you’re really going forward with a story that isn’t done in a reactionary way. I think that we’re being responsible by thinking through all three stories before making the first one. But there is that level of anxiety because you get questions like, ‘Is the future film dependant on that success.’ It’s not life threatening to be creative…but Hollywood is certainly an arbitrary business.”

But if nothing else, Diesel seems confident in a future for the Riddick character.

“I think that you can continue this character regardless of the film budget. So will the next film be a PG, 100 million dollar movie? I don’t know. Could the next film be, virtue of the fact that it takes place in the extremely gruesome Underverse, a return to the rated-R fashion that Pitch Black was shot in?"

"I hope so," he says with a smile.

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