According to MTV, after the The Pacifier’s strong opening weekend, Vin Diesel is using his new found clout to hopefully get his Hannibal pet project "Hannibal" off the ground. After the recent spate of big budget, sword weilding films tanked at the box office (ie. King Arthur and Alexander) Diesel is hoping to make Hannibal with a smaller budget. He also intends to star and direct the movie he calls his ”Braveheart”.

"We're going to have all systems go on Hannibal, "

Diesel said.

"I've been working on my shots. In fact, my storyboard artist is a guy named Sylvain Despretz, who was Ridley Scott's storyboard artist on artist on 'Gladiator.' It's going to be exciting. Just wait for that one; it's going to all come together. I will not let you down."

Diesel has even sought the advice of his friend and advisor Mel Gibson.

"I'll tell you what, The Passion of the Christ, I think, liberated a lot of filmmakers. Anyone is lucky to talk to Mel Gibson, period. Anybody is lucky to talk to Mel Gibson that's an artist, that's ... any kind of filmmaker. The fact that Hannibal is somewhere in the Braveheart/Passion genre makes it all the more a right decision to talk to Mel Gibson about what you're doing and run things by him, because you never get better advice than from someone who's already gone through that. How many people are going to have that 'Braveheart' experience, understand what it's like to play a character like that while simultaneously directing it? I'm lucky to be in that conversation."
"I like the idea of making a movie and not being governed by all the things that govern a $200 million movie,"

Diesel said of the film's budget.

"I want to do things like make it multilingual, non-English."

After Hannibal, Diesel plans on returning to the science-fiction trilogy that he visited this past summer with Chronicles of Riddick.

Of this film he says,

"Riddick? Well, you know that I've always had C2 planned,"

he conceded.

"I'm silently — and I shouldn't even say this — I'm silently working on C2 with some of the outlines that were created when I first thought of doing the three films."