After a two week hiatus, Fox's Babylon A.D., starring Vin Diesel, has picked production back up, notes Variety.

The Mathieu Kassovitz-directed film was budgeted at $60 million; as resumed shooting in the Czech Republic after a two-week hiatus to "sort things out." Producer Ilan Goldman said the difficulties are routine for any big-scale film, including uncooperative weather (including a lack of snow) and problems with set construction. Latter caused the production designer to ankle; a stunt coordinator and the first assistant director were replaced as well.

After a fruitless scouting mission to Iceland, the production still needs to find a location with snow for footage that will take six to eight days to shoot. In the film, Diesel plays a mercenary hired to escort a young woman who has been genetically tampered with, containing a virus that could destroy the human race. Yeoh plays a nun accompanying the young girl.