The Manhattan Beach police department has confirmed that Vince Vaughn was arrested early Sunday morning for driving under the influence and resisting arrest. The actor was stopped at a DUI checkpoint at 1 AM with a passenger in the vehicle. The unknown passenger was also arrested for public intoxication and both have been released from jail after posting bail as of this writing.

While Vince Vaughn was stopped at the checkpoint, law enforcement asked him to exit his vehicle, but the actor refused to do so, according to reports. Vaughn's passenger was reportedly also uncooperative with the police and refused to get out of the vehicle as well. After both men stepped out of the vehicle, Vaughn was charged for misdemeanor DUI and resisting arrest. According to other reports, this is the actor's first arrest for driving under the influence. If convicted, Vince Vaughn will have to attend alcohol education classes and pay court fines and fees as well as legal fees. Additionally, the actor will be place on informal probation for 2 years and could lose his driver's license for up to a year.

While this is Vince Vaughn's first DUI, it isn't his first run in with the law. Vaughn was arrested back in 2001 for a pretty crazy bar brawl that occurred in Wilmington, North Carolina. The fight took place while the actor was filming Domestic Disturbance and he was arrested for assault. The charges were later dropped. However, fellow actor Steve Buscemi tried to break up the fight and ended up getting stabbed in the face, throat, and arm for his troubles. The fight was reportedly between Vaughn, screenwriter Scott Rosenberg, and a local man who had a weapon.

It was recently announced that Vince Vaughn had been added to the cast of the upcoming thriller Against All Enemies. Vaughn joins Kristen Stewart and Zazie Beetz in the political thriller. Stewart plays iconic actress Jean Seberg who spent half of her life in France. Seberg was the target of an FBI investigation to disrupt and discredit the Black Panther movement while she was dating activist Hakim Jamal. Vaughn plays Carl Kowalski, the FBI agent in charge of the investigation, who was reportedly not afraid of bending the rules to his advantage while Seberg was under surveillance.

While mostly known for comedy roles at the beginning of his career including Wedding Crashers, Dodgeball, and Old School, Vince Vaughn has been in more drama movies lately. He starred in Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge in 2016 and later teamed up with Gibson again for Dragged Across the Concrete. Vince Vaughn's representatives have yet to make an official statement regarding the DUI arrest, but are expected to soon. Since it's his first offense, the actor will not have jail time, though the judge could give a harsher sentence for resisting arrest that could result in community service hours in addition to the other penalties. You can read more about Vince Vaughn's recent arrest at TMZ.