Vince Vaughn has become one of Hollywood's hottest actors in the past few years. Well, his life is about to get a whole lot bigger. He stars in Wedding Crashers along side his good pal, Owen Wilson. The two play best friends (big stretch) and law partners who make a hobby of crashing weddings around the Washington DC area. The movie is just crazy funny - you will laugh your head off from the first scene to the last. And the humor didn't stop when Vince sat down in the interview room. He's a fast talker, but damn is he funny! He even talked about shooting The Break Up with possible new girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston. This is what we talked about:

This character from Swingers like later on his life.

Vince Vaughn: Ah, earlier, yeah. Well, no. He was very different. I mean there are similarities, but the Swingers character is kind of, he's a cooler guy. I think kind of a more kinda, you know, this guy's more manic. Again, he's going through more manic situations. But I saw this more as kinda like, you know, he loves to eat and he loves life. He's kind of like the big loveable friend, you know, where Trent's more of kind of the… more of a smoother kinda, more ladies man type than this character is.

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What was the attraction of doing this?

Vince Vaughn: Well, I just heard the title originally and it really made me laugh. Wedding Crashers I thought was funny and, ah, I've always liked Owen for, you know, since Bottle Rocket and that and I, I liked it. Not only was he funny but I always thought of him as a really good actor too. And, ah, David I had a great experience doing Clay Pigeons with so, ah, I was really excited about getting a chance to take this concept and work with those guys on it.

How much room is there for improvisation in this, because it seems to me that because your speech pattern is so, ah, so fast?

Vince Vaughn: Yeah. (Into microphone –rambling) (Laughter).

How much of that did you do?

Vince Vaughn: (Into microphone – rambling) – Well, hey – you can ask me the question, that's very important (rambling). Um, not as much as people think, although there was a lot – meaning, we would take the scenes and work on them prior to getting there. I think improv sometimes – sometimes people that are very good at improvisation in life, meaning like stage improvisation, aren't good in films because you have to ultimately take a scene where it needs to go. It's not about just saying something that's funny. You can say something funny but if it's not on story or driving the scene to its end it's really not very helpful at all. So we would really sit, you know, and plan out stuff that was said to make sure that not only was it funny but it kind of got across the point. Um, so we would write sometimes that day or the night before, but most of the lines were written down in a form that we liked prior to shooting. And then of course not much different than method acting… the main thing about improvising is listening so if something happens that wasn't expected and you know your character, you know what has to happen in this scene, you can react to that in a way that's honest and it might take you in a different direction to go to the same place. But it's not like you go to scenes and just say, oh, let me think of crazy things to say. Uh, there is kind of a method to all of the kind of madness of talking, you know.

Your character does some not so nice things, what's the worst thing you've ever done?

Vince Vaughn: Not so nice, what does he do that's not so nice?

He lies a little; he lies through his teeth.

Vince Vaughn: Ah! (Laughter) Um, yeah, that's kind of the fun of the movie is that, ah, I like that scene very much at the Lincoln Memorial, those kind of more heartfelt scenes I think kind of make the movie work – as fun and comedic as it is. Yeah, exactly, exactly and it's kind of cool because it's like that moment where we're not guys in our twenties making swingers and bottle rockets, we're in our mid-30's, and so it's kind of like, hey, this is kind of fun, it was great, it was like, yeah, it doesn't feel as great as it used to, and, we're old enough that we can't not take responsibility for what we're doing. Um, there's an innocence when you're younger where you kind of don't know any better – but these guys know better and it gets to that, it gets to that place where they can't, you know, you've just been on autopilot for a while and now you're no longer happy and you're starting to have to come to terms – a kind of coming of age, so that's like my favorite kind of thing about it. And then I like that I kinda get put in a situation and then end up having a resolve or an arc that is not obviously, that you don't think is what the movie is about.

Are there any parallels between you and this character?

Vince Vaughn: Yeah, sure. I think, I think we all have a bunch of different people inside of us, and then for a particular role you bring a certain side of that self of yourself forward to sort of play, but it's always really dimensionalised. You know, he's sort of the comic relief so it's not really his story so he's there to represent a certain note or certain colour in the painting. It's not kind of a full journey for him. Um, so, ah, but, yeah, there's that side definitely that wants to go out and have fun and, ah, and have this kind of friendship and, um, you know, and then also, you know, have the ability to sort of fall in love with someone and kind of, you know, get caught up in that. So sure, I think there's a lot of different things.

You've talked about the chemistry with Owen before. You know, obviously you guys are friends, but what was the chemistry like with the entire cast on the set?

Vince Vaughn: It was really great. Um, I mean David [Dobkin], we had a really great thing, the three of us particularly, in that we kind of got the screenplay, liked it a lot and then sort of customised it for ourselves. So we had a really good shorthand, and we were all trying to make the same type of movie. We were trying to make a character comedy that we took very seriously as far as story was concerned. We, we, we really treated it very seriously. Um, and so as a result we set up, I think, a really nice environment for people to feel comfortable to play and to bring ideas. The thing that's great about David is he's a great listener. Most of the really good directors I've worked with are pretty comfortable taking ideas from anywhere because they don't see it as giving up power, they have the power and they're comfortable enough to do that. So we got great ideas from everyone – it became a great collaboration. Everyone who played any part had really good, um, contributions to their characters. Bradley Cooper did. Of course Isla [Fisher] I think is really funny. The fun thing for me about Isla was so many times in these movies the girls really get a short end of the stick and they're there just to kind of laugh at whatever the guys says, whether it's funny or not, and in this movie Isla really gets to be funny. She really gets to drive some scenes with some comedy with kind of an over-commitment to the absurd, which is what comedy really is. So, um, I like that the movie has some original things in it like that that you don't get in every film. But it was fun for me where I'm kind of driving scenes and being the comic relief that sometimes with Isla, she's even crazier, and I, by default become kind of the straight man who's reacting to her kind of antics in a scene. So it's a unique flip. Yeah.

Speaking of Isla. That scene with the ropes, was there a body double?

Vince Vaughn: Yes.

Talk about the opening sequence.

Vince Vaughn: That was the only time that Owen showed up early. (Laughter)

That's what he said.

Vince Vaughn: Oh, it's true. The only time he left late. So, guys, I don't know if we have this yet, let's keep shooting.

How dedicated! (Laughter) You're a professional, though, right?

Vince Vaughn: I'm a professional, yeah. Well that was fun, with those girls dancing and the laying down in the bed, that was a lot of fun. Um, but my double scene was fun because also you're acting in it, you're tied up, so it's not the same experience as kind of like, hey, hi, how are ya, nice to meet ya, I'm Vince. Ah, this was a little different. But, it was also kind of, it wasn't as, it wasn't as kind of like sexy in that way because you're kinda tied up and, you know, you're doing lines and it's -

All depends on what you like.

Vince Vaughn: Yeah, how interesting. We're all starting to learn a lot about each other. Go ahead. (Laughter)

This film has three main comedic geniuses, I'd say you and Owen, and, Will Ferrell. Is there anyone else that you would have liked to have?

Vince Vaughn: I would say that you are right on the first one, but I don't want to get into semantics with you keep going. (Laughter)

Who would you have liked to have seen be added to the cast for more humor, if possible?

Vince Vaughn: I think that we, we sometimes you can overdo it with stuff. It just seemed really perfect that this guy for Will to come in and play this particular part made a lot of sense, and he was gracious enough to do it for us and very funny with it. But sometimes you can get taken out of the movie, I feel, if there's too many of ‘em. It's like, what's going on, and what's that dude doing in the movie. Do you know what I mean? But this was kind of an iconic type character who we talked about earlier in the movie and made out to be kind of a big deal, so it made sense for him to come in. But I think that sometimes you can, you can overkill. Sorry to cut you off.

What's the best date you've ever been on?

Vince Vaughn: The best date? I don't like dates, kind of like my character in the movie. I kind of, I like to, if you meet someone that you like then meet them out somewhere. Um, that's good because that's comfortable. I don't like the feeling of going to pick someone up that I don't know that well at their house and then take them to kind of a formal restaurant.

Did you have a bad date experience?

Vince Vaughn: Never bad, it's just that feeling that you get like when you're younger and your mom makes you dress up and go to some formal function, you just don't feel comfortable. I never did anyway. You don't feel honest, I guess. You don't really get to learn about anyone. You're kind of being polite and you can ask the questions, it's just not a great time for me. But I like to go somewhere that people can feel comfortable to joke around and have a sense of humour and you can really get to know each other.

Are you a romantic?

Vince Vaughn: Um, yeah, I think I'm romantic to some degree, if I really like somebody. Not, I'm not romantic, I'm more romantic if there's someone that I like than I am a romantic just for romantics sake.

Can you talk about that?

Vince Vaughn: You know, I'm romantic like, um, you're allowed to sleep over. (Laughter) I'm very old-fashioned that way. No, I'm kidding. (Laughter) Yes, you can say hi to me in public. I'm a real soft heart.(Laughter)

Are you a nice guy?

Vince Vaughn: Yeah, um, (Laughter) okay, yeah, yeah, yeah. Just to get out my softer sides. Go ahead.

Can you talk about what they're calling the frat pack? I guess it's the five or six of you guys who are popping up in each other's movies and, you know, like with Ben [Stiller] and you, in fact, and Will – your careers are all going through the roof together.

Vince Vaughn: Yeah.

Is it, but is this frat pack thing, is it more of a media construction or do you guys?

Vince Vaughn: I would say it's a whole media construction, but someone came up with this and I think it is a little bit of a reach. But like anything, once you establish it then it kind of does become a reality too, then it is kind of real. But it was kind of a little far-reaching at first, I think, in that the real common denominator is, is Ben Stiller, meaning that Stiller did Zoolander and Owen had a big part in that, Will had a part in that, I just had a cameo, I didn't speak, I didn't have scenes with either of them. The first time I ever did a movie with Will was Old School, and then Will asked me and then we were both in Zoolander but I only did a small cameo, so it's kind of like they saw Old School then he asked me to do something in Anchorman, I did and then he did something in this. It's not like we have this long kind of thing. I've never even been in a scene with Jack Black. I think we've done cameos in the same movies but we've never done a scene together, and Owen, the only time we've ever worked together was Starsky, and we barely had anything to do together. This was the first real movie that we had a lot to do together. Um, and so I think the real common denominator is Ben Stiller. You know, Ben Stiller, um, ah, you know, really wanted me in Dodgeball, asked me to be in Zoolander, asked Will and Owen to be in Zoolander – had a lot of movies he did with Owen. I think he kind of developed Starsky and Hutch and asked me to be in that and asked Will to be in that and that's it. So Stiller's really the guy who's been very supportive of people's careers and really championed a lot of careers in a lot of ways kind of very selflessly, like not making a big deal out of it, but he really has been giving a lot of opportunities to people – you know, Will off of Saturday Night Live, me off of Swingers and Owen off of Bottle Rocket. So he's kind of the real common denominator if there's anything going on.

Is there any similarity in comic outlook?

Vince Vaughn: What I liked a lot doing this with Owen is my real kind of partner in crime when I started was [Jon] Favreau, so my thing was always more character-driven comedies like Swingers or Made, not sketch comedy – not that there's not room for both or one isn't enjoyable, just my personal taste, I like movies that comedy comes from out of flaws of people, things that are uncomfortable, out of tragedy like Favreau's phone call in Swingers. Ah, it's real but it's also kind of funny but it's hard to watch because you've done it yourself and Owen's, that type of comedic actor, so I really enjoyed doing this with him particularly. But I think that within the dynamic of the group people come from different backgrounds and have different tastes.

Are you and Favreau working together again?

Vince Vaughn: Yes, I will work with. Favreau is going to be in the new movie I'm doing called The Break Up. It's a romantic comedy and Favreau is going to play my best friend in that. It starts filming a week from Monday with Jennifer Aniston and Vincent D'Onofrio plays my older brother, Cole Hauser plays my younger brother, John Michael Higgins is in the movie, Justin Long from Dodgeball is in the movie.

Is it a different kind of romantic comedy?

Vince Vaughn: Yeah, it's different, well, no, it's just from my performance it's somewhat different but, you know, Rachel really grounds this movie very well. But this is kind of an anti-romantic comedy because all the scripts that I would get for romantic comedies always have some really stupid concept like, ah, if you marry her you get the million dollars, if you don't you don't or, hey, I'm gonna write an article on how to meet someone and then break up with them. It's like relationships are crazy enough I always felt, like this is insane, like why this doesn't happen. So, I kind of always like the movie The Odd Couple where you had the friends that were stuck in the place together. So The Break Up is about a young couple, not so young really (Laughter) who buy a condo together. The movie starts and they've already bought it and it takes both of their salaries to kind of upkeep it and that, and to pay the mortgage, and they really have a bad thing and break up, and so they're kind of stuck living under this roof together figuring out their lives but they really have just broken up with each other. So, it's not like they break up right away, it's not like, you know, down the road; I think it's really fun.

What else have you finished?

Vince Vaughn: I have a small movie I did that was at Sundance that I had a good time called Thumbsucker. I thought they did a really good job with it – Mike Mills – and that was fun to get the chance to go do that. So I did Thumbsucker, that's come out, and I did a small little cameo in this Mr and Mrs Smith thing, although if you look at the trailers you'd think I was in the movie a lot more. I just did a cameo in that and then I'll go film The Break Up.

What's the craziest thing you've done for love?

Vince Vaughn: For love? (Laughter) let's see. (Singing – what I do for love, and regret). I don't know. What's the craziest thing I ever did? Um, I don't know. Craziest thing I ever did? It's all crazy. None of it makes any sense, does it, when you're in love with someone. It doesn't make any logical sense. I guess that's why they call it being in love. That's kind of a lame answer but I'm gonna bow out on that one.

Wedding Crashers is plain laugh out loud comedy at its best! Owen and Vince put on an awesome performance. So does Christopher Walken; he plays the father of two of the girls Vince and Owen have courted. The movie is rated 'R' but it couldn't be anything else.