Vince Vaughn is in early talks to take on one of four main roles in True Detective Season 2.

/taylor-kitsch-and-garrett-hedlund-eyed-for-true-detective-season-2/In mid-July, a number of names began to surface in regards to who will be appearing in these new True Detective episodes. Colin Farrell was the first serious contender, said to be in talks for an older lead male detective. It was believed that Taylor Kitsch was eyeing the role of his younger partner, with Garrett Hedlund also in the mix.

No one has been confirmed just yet, and it isn't known if Vince Vaughn is mulling over the role that was initially set to go to Colin Farrell, or if this is a completely different character. It's also believed that there is a female character that is waiting to be filled.

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Series creator Nic Pizzolatto had previously stated that True Detective Season 2 will center on four main leads, and will take place in some of the lesser-known areas of California. It has been speculated that three of the roles are detectives, and the other role is possibly the protagonist.

HBO president Michael Lombardo teased last month that a casting announcement was coming soon. We have yet to hear any official confirmation from HBO.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange