Vince Vaughn is venturing outside of the comedy realm, signing on to star in the action-thriller Triple Time for Scott Pictures International and director Peter Billingsley.

The actor will portray a U.S. Marshal who is escorting a prisoner accused of environmental terrorism. The Marshal must work with the convict to unravel a vast conspiracy after their transport plane explodes, even though one of them may be involved.

Peter Billingsley will direct from a screenplay he co-wrote with Michael J. Wilson. Vince Vaughn will produce with his sister Victoria Vaughn, along with Scott Steindorff. Peter Billingsley previously directed Vince Vaughn in the 2009 comedy Couples Retreat.

Vince Vaughn most recently starred in The Watch for 20th Century Fox. He just wrapped production on The Internship, and begins shooting the comedy remake Starbuck in the near future.