River Queen: According to NZPA, the film's producers, River Queen Productions, have confirmed that director Vincent Ward has been removed from the film's production.

"Filming will continue with all the existing cast and crew remaining in place. A further announcement regarding the production arrangements will be made in due course," producers Don Reynolds and Chris Auty said in a statement.

Investors, cast and crew continued to support the film, the producers said.

Filming in the central North Island began again earlier this month after the shoot was put on hold at the end of July after lead actress Samantha Morton - a twice Academy Award nominee - was hospitalised with influenza and severe complications.

Morton, who recuperated overseas, returned to New Zealand last month.

Producers said River Queen was now entering its seventh week of principal photography on location.

The film stars Academy award nominee Samantha Morton, Kiefer Sutherland, Stephen Rea and Temuera Morrison.