Adult content provider Vivid Entertainment is leading the way in allowing it's content to be downloaded, burned to disc and then played on DVD players not just on personal computers and portable devices.

In a story from Home Media Retailing, starting on May 8th, Vivid "will offer select adult titles for download to DVD and playable on standard DVD players."

Vivid Entertainment plans to make 30 of it's titles available through download portal CinemaNow. According to the business model the movies "would be burned to an optical disc for $19.95 each and include the usual DVD features such as bonus material, deleted scenes, commentary, trailers and anti-piracy software."

It seems the only question now is the quality of the content once burned. While that might not be a problem with the storylines in adult entertainment, what about with a film from a major studio?

"There are some adult entertainment movies you might not miss 30 seconds of," said Richard Dougherty, an analyst with Envisioneering Group. "You might miss 30 seconds of The Last Samurai. If [a studio] movie has a hiccup in the middle of it, who do you take it to?"