The Russian fantasy sequel Viy-2 has added some box office firepower with the addition of two huge international stars. Arnold Schwarzengger and Jackie Chan have been confirmed to join the cast, which also includes Rutger Hauer and Jason Flemyng, the latter of which starred in the original Viy. The first film was never released theatrically in the United States, but it did get a DVD release last summer, under the title Forbidden Empire.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan's casting was confirmed by producer Alexey Petrukhin. The supporting cast also includes Charles Dance (Game of Thrones), Martin Klebba (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales) and Christopher Fairbank (Guardians of the Galaxy). Variety reports that production has already wrapped in China, with post-production currently under way.

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The original Viy is set in the early 18th Century, following cartographer Jonathan Green (Jason Flemyng) undertakes a scientific voyage from Europe to the East. Having passed through Transylvania and crossed the Carpathian Mountains, he finds himself in a small village lost in impassible woods. Nothing but chance and heavy fog could bring him to this cursed place. People who live here do not resemble any other people which the traveler saw before that.

The villagers, having dug a deep moat to fend themselves from the rest of the world, share a naive belief that they could save themselves from evil, failing to understand that evil has made its nest in their souls and is waiting for an opportunity to gush out upon the world. The original movie earned $33.2 million during its theatrical release in Russia. The sequel is budgeted at $48 million, and it will be released at some point next year, although a specific date hasn't been given.

Viy-2 follows Jason Flemyng's Jonathan Green, who once again sets out for a long journey full of incredible adventures that will eventually lead him to China. The cartographer will face many breathtaking discoveries, encounter bizarre creatures, meet with Chinese princesses, and confront deadly martial-arts masters and the Dragon King. Hopefully we'll hear more about who Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan are playing in Viy-2. Both actors previously worked together in the 2004 adventure Around the World in 80 Days.