New information about the direct to DVD animated Wonder Woman feature has been included on the DVD for Batman: Gotham Knight. According to Ain't It Cool News the featurette describes the plot of the film, as well as revealing more of the vocal cast.

It was already known that Keri Russell and Nathan Fillion would star as Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor. The featurette reveals that Alfred Molina will be taking on the role of Ares, the god of war, Rosario Dawson will be voicing the role of the goddess Artemis, and Virginia Madsen will voice Hippolyta, Wonder Woman's mother.

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The film will be based on the George Perez relaunch of the comic that put the Amazonian princess up against Ares and his forces. The screenplay is written by Michael Jelenic who wrote for both The Batman and Legion of Super-Heroes, and will be directed by Lauren Montgomery, who directed Superman: Doomsday.