Curly Sue has the unique distinction of being the final film directed by 80s teen movie king John Hughes, and marked his decent into much more family friendly fare. A favorite amongst nostalgia hounds, the comedy's star Alisan Porter has only appeared in a handful of roles since taking the lead in this tale of a hobo and his young companion. Now, Alisan Porter has made a comeback in the most unlikeliest of places. And she shows off an amazing new talent to boot.

Yes, Curly Sue is back. And guess what? She can sing. Appearing on The Voice Season 10, she shocked the judges, who rushed to turn their chairs. We have the clip from this show, which shows off her vocal talents and why she just became a big contender in this latest season of the singing competition, which returns this Monday.

Alisan Porter belted out her own rendition of Blue Bayou. Her blind audition earned a four-chair turn. And she received a standing ovation. Though she started out as an actor at a very young age, the former child star had this to say about her burgeoning musical career.

"I was an actress when I was very young. It's not my passion. This is my passion. I was going through a hard time in life, and I actually got sober almost eight years ago. I fell in love and I had children, and that was my goal: to be a good mom. I really feel like the universe just had a plan for me, because you guys turned for me today."

It was judge Pharrell Williams who got Alisan Porter to open up about her past. We'll be able to see more of Alisan Porter when The Voice returns with all-new episodes starting this Monday, February 29 at 8pm. Following Alisan Porter's role in Curly Sue, she went onto appear in the movie Shrink Rap and the TV series Undressed. Her biggest role in recent years was as a Chorus Line Dancer in the 2008 comedy Meet Dave, appearing opposite Eddie Murphy. Perhaps her appearance on The Voice will lead to bigger and better things.